Mike Yo's Notes

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    medal lavonne

    Love your comment on my site I'm watching you!!

    2369 days ago days ago
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    medal sweetcheeks

    Hiya Mike..

    In response to your comment on my "5000 credit giveaway" splash page.. Its very difficult to offer somesort of guarantee.. however, I have 11 sign ups from sweeva, and if they were not receiving the promised credits, I'm sure I would have many messages on my pages from them, warning people.. The only guarnatee I can offer you is my word, but I am an honest marketer, and well established on sweeva. I absolutely promise to deliver the 5000 credits to all who join me in Traffic Fugitive..

    Hope that helps
    Have a great weekend..

    2388 days ago days ago
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    medal sickcashflow

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    2773 days ago days ago