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    medal sweetcheeks

    Hi There Andy

    Thanks for your comment on my Tripler Splash You said you'd like to hear from someone who has been paid, and the answer is everyone who joins.. everysingle member is paid everyday.. you can withdraw anytime you want and with 3-5 hours the funds are in your Alertpay.. Ive been a Tripler member since early july, and didnt invest very much of my own money, I used my earnings to increase my number of positions, and now I am paid $9.60 every day and growing.. There is a chat room on skype that some of the members organised and hundreds of Tripler members celebrate together daily because everyone is being paid, Ive never known anything like it, it really is awesome.. If theres anything I can help you with, please let me know..

    Hope you had a great weekend

    3393 days ago days ago
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