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eaglesontop Hi Shannon. Thanks for your comment. Let me know if you have questions. Dan
1018 days ago

shannon Hi Diana! Yes, looks very interested. Will look into your page further tonight when I have more time to spend time looking it over. I hope you will find time to look at my site as well! Take Care, Shannon
1028 days ago

wcndiana Hi Shannon..thank you for the nice comment on my AutoXTen ad. I am just learning what it's all about but I am hearing great things about it and there are some heavy hitters involved with it. I hope you will check it out.
Many blessings, Diana
1028 days ago

shannon Feel free to ask any questions.
1031 days ago

shannon Ahh, good to know! TY! You have a great day as well, jdenslow!
1032 days ago

jdenslow Shannon - I noticed that you left a comment asking what PTC means. PTC stands for paid-to-click. These are programs that pay members a small amount (usually 1/10 to 1 cent) for each advertised website they visit. I hope this helps. Welcome to Sweeva and have a great day!
1033 days ago

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