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    medal petrus2010

    Hi! Sangeruss nice to meet you here on sweeva wish all the best in what you are doing for the kingdom of GOD.BE BLESSED!

    1895 days ago days ago
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    medal sangerusss

    My name is Slava. I am 28 years old.I live in Latvia. I saw a dream: God took me to The Heaven. I stood in His library. There were a lot of His books. I took the biggest book and opened it. There was written: Christians must preach. When i woke up i began to tell about this dream to people in the internet. And in that day i saw another dream. God again took me to The Heaven. I stood in front of God. In right from me stood a few people. In left from me stood a few angels. I began to look at angel faces. Angel faces were simple and looked like children faces. Suddenly i felt that now something will happen. And from God flew 3 streams of His joy. 1 stream flew to people in right from me,1 stream flew to angels in left from me and 1 stream flew to me. And we all were filled with God joy. God was glad that i told about my dream about His library to others. And i believe God is glad now when someone read this story. Slava

    2357 days ago days ago
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