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dcp hi derek thanks for your comment, yes it will take some time , but even if it took you one year to turn a $7 into $50,000 it will be worth it
1024 days ago

wolfie Hi Derek

Thanks for dropping by, always welcome. Good luck with promoting here and yeah 'rainbows rule'
1086 days ago

louisecardow Hi Derek,
Thanks for the kind words that you left on my splash!!
Much appreciated!!
Have a great day!!
1086 days ago

willie1968 Thanks for the comment Derek. Have a great weekend.
1086 days ago

victorynjc Thanks for your comments DereK
1088 days ago

coolchic101 thanks for the comment on my page!
1088 days ago

willie1968 Derek the great thing with TFT is that you get both a profitable matrix and free stuff.
1089 days ago

shawntc its very easy and your always welcome to join anytime
1089 days ago

murrayo Derek Thank You for your comment I apriciate the support. Social Marketing is the wave of the future.
1095 days ago

sunseapromos Hi Derek - Thank you for the supportive comments about my Organic Acres website. You seem to know a lot about it, are you also a member? Peace and success, Claudia Beck
1098 days ago

janetlegere Hey there Derek ... looking forward to connecting soon! Let's ROCK the house!
1109 days ago

nicainet Thanks for your comment! I am pleased that you agree with me. Best of luck with your work and your success!
1110 days ago

o Yo! Derek I tried signing up. When it went to alertpay for some reason it gave me an error and I couldn't finish paying! Can this be fixed? I would very much like to Join Thanks leave note on my profile please Thanks.
1130 days ago

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