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    3326 days ago days ago
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    Hello Clemente.

    Monika your Sponsor here.

    Thank you for joining me here at Sweeva and Welcome to my wonderful team,
    we all help each other here. Any time you have questions, feel free to ask.

    To make things easy for you to get started, please read the FAQ first.

    Next be sure to set up your profile as soon as you can and also upload your picture, this will brand you very quickly and build trust.

    Surf for a while to familiarize your self with Sweeva and build up some credits.

    Also be sure to pay attention, to what you like about the sites, what caught your attention.

    Then comment on them in the chat, this will give you experience points, and people get familiar with your username and picture.

    So when it comes around to when you show your sites,
    they are more apt to comment on them,
    which gives you better credit ratings and the more you get,
    the faster you will level up,

    Click on the "Remember" button (at the bottom of the page),
    if you want to go back to that site again, and
    be sure to say so when you post in the chat.

    If you want to talk to the person whose site is showing,
    or anyone else in the chat, you can always click on their username
    and post on their profile.

    This is really such a great way to interact with people.
    This is how I get most of my signups and sales.

    Then its just as simple as:
    1, Post Your Site or Sites
    2, Bid
    3, Now get ready for action. You'll be Amazed!

    Please let me know if I can be of help.
    You can always leave a post at "My Profile"

    If you haven't set up your IM Faceplate,
    please go to my profile and click on My Faceplate, Its free
    to sign up.

    This is another MUST HAVE Advertising Platform.
    I love the results I have received so far :0)
    I have made many new friends and business associates.

    And the best part: It works (integrates so well) with Sweeva.

    The best success in your advertising.

    Happy Surfing.
    Your sponsor

    3615 days ago days ago
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