Chad Warren's Notes

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    medal kingmidas

    Hello Chad,

    I've been participating in the SFI S-Builder, bidding on and have won PSA's/CSA's at TC auctions. Have also purchased downline through some of the ECA's. I send out e-mails and post my gateway through T.E's.
    That's the long and short.

    All the best in your success!


    2054 days ago days ago
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    medal chadwarren76

    Thanks for commenting here and making me feel at home.

    ibugu - I'll look at your offer and report, thanks.

    dblack - appreciate you.

    posyrosie - cool about the greeting card online reminder.

    seoexpert2010 - thanks for the offer.

    lucie - I'm interested.

    Any help for me so I can be of help to someone else would be appreciated.

    2749 days ago days ago
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    medal dblack

    Hi Chad, welcome to ThumbVu. Thanks for the positive comment on my CTP site

    2750 days ago days ago
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    medal posyrosie

    Welcome to Sweeva Chad and thanks for the nice compliment on my GreetingCardUniverse site. The site does not have an actual button, however, they do have a reminder site. It is called, but they remind you about all the holidays you want and all the birthdays, anniv. etc. that you want listed. I am on that site and it is a great reminder with no pressure to purchase.

    2756 days ago days ago
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    medal lucie

    Hi Chad! Thanks for your comment on my site! There are many ways you can work the TEs, but some are more effective than others. The system I use is very effective, and you can use it too if you want. Let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions! Welcome to Sweeva!

    2757 days ago days ago